California Survival Action Statute of Limitations

California Survival Action Statute of Limitations

Here is the answer for California survival action statute of limitations. If you are dealing with a survival action claim, you may be interested to know the statute of limitations. However, it can be confusing at first search so I want to simplify it for you.

The California survival action statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit for a survival action is 2 years starting from the date of the wrongful act injury or 6 months after the death (Whichever occurs later). However, if it originated from an elder abuse medical malpractice situation, then the statute of limitations is cut down to only 1 year.

If you believe you may have a survival action claim, you should never wait. The important thing is to take immediate legal action whether that is just a free consultation call to learn about your legal options or even if it is starting a full lawsuit.

Option 1Option 2
6 Months from date of death.2 years from the date of the injury.

Survival action statute of limitations is the later of 2 years from the date of the injury or
6 months after the death, by using whichever occurs later.

2 years is really not a very long time if you really think about it. We are sleeping many hours a day and many of the days are the weekend and a lot of offices might be closed.

In addition, lawyers need to prepare lots of documents and strategy before filing a lawsuit so it is the best choice to give them adequate amount of time to prepare by contacting them earlier.

Statute of Limitations For California Survival Actions

Never Procrastinate

A statute of limitations deadline for a survival action or wrongful death claim is not something that you should take lightly. The clock is always ticking and there are other reasons why you should move forward with your case faster.

By waiting too long before filing a survival claim, you may be losing crucial evidence that can support your case. Witnesses generally do not have as clear of memory of events after more time has passed. Also, it takes time to really prepare the case and get all the documents and everything ready.

One of the good elements of hiring our law firm to help you, is that we only get paid when we win. We do not charge you any upfront fees, making it extremely affordable for you. You can contact us on our contact page or call us today at (800) 400-5050 for your completely free consultation for survival action, wrongful death, or other legal claims.

Code of Civil Procedure ยง 377.30