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California Lemon Law

California Lemon Law

Get a free case evaluation regarding the California lemon law and see if you qualify for legal representation from our law firm. The California lemon law could apply to both leased and purchased vehicles. By using the California lemon law, you might win a “new car” or “compensation” if your car has been having problems and repairs.

Even used cars can qualify under the lemon law if the car had repairs while the car was under the manufacturer’s new vehicle warranty.

Generally, California lemon law attorney Jimmy Hanaie has been a lawyer since 2013. To qualify for the California lemon law, your new vehicle or used car must have had defects and repairs. The car dealership or manufacturer must have had a reasonable opportunity to properly fix or replace the car. The California lemon law attorney fights to possibly win compensation from the automobile manufacturer.

California Lemon Law

Important Bullet Points

  1. The California Lemon Law is a law that provides protections for consumers who buy or lease defective vehicles.
  2. Under the law, manufacturers are generally required to either repair the vehicle defects or replace the vehicle.
  3. If the manufacturer is unable to do either of these things, they must typically provide a refund to the consumer.
  4. The law usually applies to all new and used vehicles that are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Contingency “No Win, No Fee.”

Keep in mind, we work on a contingency basis. This means that if we do not win, you do not pay our law firm anything. On the other hand, if you do win you may potentially be able to win a very large financial settlement. Whether you have a leased car or purchased car we want to speak to you.

Car Warranty

Usually, for the lemon law to apply, the vehicle repairs must have taken place while the vehicle was under warranty or at least extended warranty through the manufacturer. The warranty is what usually holds the automobile manufacturer responsible to conduct the vehicle repairs properly. However, the car manufacturer may be legally responsible in other situation as well.

Used Cars

  1. The California Lemon Law is a law that provides protection for buyers of new cars if the car turns out to be a lemon.
  2. If a new car has serious defects, the manufacturer must usually either repair the car or replace it with a new one.
  3. If the manufacturer is unable to do either of those things, the buyer is most likely entitled to a refund.
  4. The California Lemon Law also provides protection for used car buyers in certain situations.

Also, the lease agreement and purchase contract are also very important because they discuss the terms of the vehicle lease or vehicle purchase.

Repair Invoices

Repair invoices: these documents are very important documents associated with making a lemon law claim in California. For example, the repair invoices explain the problems that the vehicle had.

  • Car dealership repair invoices can be used as evidence to show that a car has been regularly maintained.
  • They can also be used to show that a problem with the car has been reported in the past or was repaired or not fixed properly by the dealership.
  • In some cases, the invoices may be used to show that the car was never repaired properly, or had multiple repairs, which can help to prove that it is a lemon.

Road Dangers & Liability

We know how frustrating it can be to have a faulty or defective car. You may have got stuck on the road or got into a car accident as a result. This can be extremely dangerous for you and your family. Also, getting in a car accident can cause you to be liable financially to others. This is not a favorable situation and that is why you should take action immediately.

California Lemon Law

Civil Code Sections

  1. The California Lemon Law is based on Civil Code sections 1793.22 and 1793.23.
  2. These sections can be found on the California Legislative Information website.
  3. They were enacted in 1982 and amended several times since then.

100% Free Consultation

A lawyer is available to speak to you. Go over all of your vehicle documents with our law firm. It is fully free to get a 100% free consultation. Find out if your case qualifies for lemon law representation from our law firm. We want to speak to you and are available 7 days a week, day or night.

Remember This Conclusion

A quick blog post like this does not replace the importance of speaking to a California lemon law attorney. If you qualify, you may be able to take advantage of these powerful consumer rights and protections. Find out more today by contacting us through our hotline telephone number or online submission contact form. We look forward to speaking to you now!

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