California Lemon Law 30 Days

California Lemon Law 30 Days

California lemon law 30 days attorney Jimmy Hanaie explains the California lemon law 30 days rule. If your car has been at the California dealership repair shop for a long period of time like 30 days or more, in many cases you can have a strong lemon law case and be entitled to a large financial settlement.

The California lemon law 30 days rule provides protection to California vehicle consumers who have a vehicle under warranty that the dealership has had in the repair shop for 30 days or more. In these instances, the car may be considered a lemon and may be entitled to compensation.

It is common for dealerships to be unprepared and unorganized. They might not have the parts you need ready for you and delay repairing your vehicle for weeks or even months as a result. On the other hand, they might have all the parts, but if they do not have the know how and knowledge of what to do to fix the car that wont help either.

30 Days

Although having your car in the shop for 30 days is not the only way to have a California lemon law case, it is typically a strong claim when your car needs to be in the repair shop for so long. However, the vehicle also needs to be under warranty and the delay cannot have been the consumer’s fault.

The problem the vehicle is having also generally needs to be a significant issue involving the safety, use, or value of the vehicle. This will generally be the case if the repair shop truly has your car in repair shop for such a long period of time nearly a month or more.

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