Brand New Car Transmission Problems

Brand New Car Transmission Problems

Brand new car transmission problems? When you have brand new car transmission problems, you have legal options. Attorney Jimmy Hanaie loves representing individuals that have a new car that is experiencing transmission issues. You might be entitled to a large settlement too!

Brand new car transmission problems that occur while the vehicle is under warranty strongly indicate a lemon law case. Transmission problems are serious and affect the value, use, and safety of the vehicle. If the dealership fails to repair or replace the vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation.

The transmission of a car is obviously a very important part of the vehicle. When you get a brand new car you would expect the transmission to work and not give you vehicle trouble. However, it is very common for even brand new vehicles to begin having transmission issues. Often, these result in strong lemon law cases.

Brand New Car Transmission

The dealership may have told you that they are going to replace your transmission or swap your engine. Unfortunately, even changing your transmission does not mean that you are not going to have transmission problems.

If the dealership is unable to properly repair or replace the transmission within a reasonable number of days, you may have a strong lemon law case. Even if they repaired your transmission problems, you may still have a lemon law case for your brand new car.

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