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Best Lawyer To Sue Uber

Best Lawyer To Sue Uber

Get the best lawyer to sue Uber. Choosing a lawyer to sue Uber is very important. We can help both drivers and passengers. You should also learn about what to expect during your legal claim. Here, we will explain a lot of helpful and beneficial information to you.

Generally, Jimmy Hanaie is a lawyer to sue Uber. He has been a lawyer since the year 2013. After graduating from prestigious UC Hastings law school, he continued his passion of helping to defend people. So, if you have been harmed or injured by an Uber as a driver or passenger, he is the right attorney to speak with.

There are many reasons why you might be deciding to sue this rideshare company. For example, you could have been a victim of wrongful deactivation of your account, car accident, employment violations, personal injury, and more. Regardless of the exact facts of your situation, we can provide you with a completely free consultation. If you have any screenshots or photographs, we can look at them for you. We want to provide you with the best customer service. Even if you already have a lawyer, you can contact us for a free second opinion.

Today is a good day to consider making a legal claim. Waiting too long before starting a lawsuit can cause you to lose your legal rights. You do not want to miss any deadlines. You might have heard of other people on the news winning large money settlements. They started that process by taking the first step and speaking with a lawyer about their situation. We want to make it very convenient for you to speak with our law firm. If you prefer, we can even come to your home or office to meet with you in person. Our customers are our top priority.

No Fee Unless We Win?

You can afford to hire a lawyer. We do not ask the customer for any money at the beginning of the legal claim. Instead, we get paid a percentage of the settlement only if we win. If our customer does not win, we do not get paid any legal fees. So, it is very affordable to hire an attorney from our law firm.

The percentage of the settlement that the lawyer gets is usually based on the written contract the customer signed with the law firm. So, you should always read the law firm’s contract carefully before signing. Usually, the lawyer asks for a different percentage depending on whether the Uber claim settlement happens during negotiations, mediation, litigation, or in the courthouse. By reading the contract, you will learn more about the percentage of the settlement money the attorney can get. If you want to negotiate that percentage, you should let the attorney know before signing the contract.

The amount of money you can win depends on many factors. Usually, the amount of money you could potentially win is largely based on the size and amount of the injuries or harm you suffered. People usually win higher amounts of money when they have increased levels of physical, emotional, and financial injury. When you contact us for a free consultation we will discuss your injuries. Tell us about everything that has happened to you and what is bothering you. If you have any photographs we can look at them together as well.

Lawyer To Sue Uber

There are many different kinds of legal situations. For example, a lot of drivers are dealing with problems with wrongful deactivation of their accounts. Alternatively, there are personal injuries caused by car accidents, sexual harassment, pedestrian accidents, violent assault, semi truck accidents, and more. Additionally, there are employment law disputes such as class actions, independent contractor issues, discrimination, wrongful termination, and other labor law violations.

If you have been physically injured, you might need medical treatment or help with your medical bills. We can help our customer schedule an appointment with a medical professional such as a chiropractor, massage therapist, surgeon, psychologist, and other professionals. It is possible to get the medical assistance without paying at the beginning. Many of these professionals will agree to wait until the legal claim finishes before getting paid. Additionally, our law firm usually negotiates the medical bills of our clients so that the client can keep more of the settlement money.

Thank you for being a reader of our website. The next step is to call us for a free consultation with a lawyer to sue Uber. You can call our law firm 7 days a week, day or night. There are many benefits to speaking to a lawyer. Its free to call now (800) 400-5050

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