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Auto Lemon Law Attorney

Auto Lemon Law Attorney

Best auto lemon law attorney. If you have a vehicle with problems or a defective car, truck, or motorcycle you may be wondering about the auto lemon law. Attorney Jimmy Hanaie is an auto lemon law attorney with many years of experience, trust, and success fighting against the automobile manufacturers.

An auto lemon law attorney helps vehicle consumers get financial compensation when their vehicle has problems. If the manufacturer fails to replace or repair your vehicle within a reasonable number of repair attempts you may have an auto lemon law case.

The auto lemon law for used cars and new cars have some similarities and differences as well as pros and cons. First, generally your car must have warranty during the period of time when your vehicle was having problems. In some situations one repair visit can be enough, but other times the dealership or auto manufacturer must have been given several reasonable repair attempts to be liable under the auto lemon laws.

Benefits of Auto Lemon Law Cases

One of the great benefits of using an auto lemon law attorney is that we work without charging you any upfront fees. We only get paid when we win our lemon law client wins their lemon law claim against the manufacturer such as Ford, Honda, Toyota, Tesla, Volkswagen, Hyundai, or other auto manufacturer.

Wide List Of Types of Vehicle Problems

Auto lemon cases can be regarding many types of auto problems such as auto transmission issues, auto engine problems, vehicle shifting problems, vehicle not accelerating properly, lane assist problems, and many other problems issues and concerns, In general, the lemon law for auto vehicles is aimed at protecting consumers and their safety so if the problem involves your health or safety or the usability of the vehicle that will strengthen your potential lemon law claim.

The Process of Auto Lemon Law Lawsuit Claims

The first step in an auto lemon law case is that we generally ask to see all of your vehicle repair invoices and vehicle documents such as your contract, vehicle registration documents, repair receipts, and more. If you do not have these documents, we many times may be able to help and assist you in obtaining lemon law related documents that are needed.

Reviewing Your Auto Vehicle Records Lemon Law

Upon obtaining those vehicle records, we read and review all the documents to see when your problems occurred, how long the dealership had your vehicle, whether your vehicle was properly repaired, and more. Even if they fully fixed your vehicle many times you may still be able to have a valid lemon law criteria case depending on the lemon law qualifications of your state.

Free Consultation

We recommend always speaking to a consumer law attorney as soon as possible. Find out and check if your vehicle meets the qualifications for auto lemon law cases. Call now for a free legal consultation for lemon law and get a free lemon lawyer evaluation. We would be happy to speak with you and see if your new car or automobile problems rise to the level of a lemon law case. Often you might have a lemon law case without knowing and it is important to speak to an automobile attorney quickly to avoid statute of limitations deadline from expiring.

Millions of Dollars Recovered

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