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Auto Lemon Law Attorney Act

Auto Lemon Law Attorney Act

When someones vehicle is having problems the Auto lemon law attorney act can become very important. The auto lemon law and consumer laws are designed to protect everyday consumers, purchasers, and vehicle leasers. I am attorney Jimmy Hanaie, I have been an attorney fighting for the rights of the people since 2013, and I am here to talk to you about the lemon law act.

The Auto Lemon Law Attorney Act Defined

The auto lemon law attorney act protects vehicle consumers that purchase or lease defective vehicles. Automobile manufacturers have duties to their consumers and must take reasonable steps. If a manufacturers fails to properly repair or replace a vehicle within a reasonable number of attempts or days, the consumer might have a possible lemon law case.

Some of the auto lemon law attorney acts include the Song Beverly Warranty Act, as well as Consumer Warranty Act, and Tanner Consumer Protection Act, the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act, and other acts and laws and regulations depending on the jurisdiction that you are in. The best thing to do is to always speak with legal counsel in your area to get a better understanding of how the law and acts may pertain to your possible auto lemon law claim.

Lemon Law Acts in The State of California

One of the main lemon act regulations in the state of California is the The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act (CA Civil Code ยง 1790-1795.8). This act was established in year 1970 and is the Act commonly referred to as the ” California lemon law.” There is an interesting story about the origin of the name of how the Act became called the Song Beverly Warranty Act.

The Act was named after two of its authors that participated in authoring the law for the legislature of California. These two people are Alfred H. SONG and Robert G. BEVERLY. The Act protects consumers of goods including automobiles and other consumer goods and products.

When Does The Song Beverly Warranty Act Apply?

Auto Lemon Law Attorney Act

In order for the Act to apply, you must have generally had a valid warranty on that automobile or consumer good during the time when it was having defects or problems. The problems that you are experiencing with the vehicle must also generally be concerning the safety, use, or value of the vehicle substantially.

Elements of the Song Beverly Warranty Act

Generally under the provisions of the auto lemon law attorney act, there are three main elements that are considered to see if a consumer qualifies for the act law.

First, the product or vehicle must not be performing as promised by the manufacturer or retailer.

Second, the product or vehicle is not suitable for its intended purpose because it is having issues or problems or is not fit for its purpose or other reasons.

Third, the product or vehicle is not of the same quality level as products and vehicles that are similar to it.

What is the The Tanner Consumer Protection Act

The The Tanner Consumer Protection Act is also commonly referred to as the Lemon Law Presumption. Pursuant to this presumption or Act, if your vehicle begins to have problems within the first 18 months of purchasing or leasing the vehicle or if your vehicles occurred prior to the vehicle having 18000 miles on the vehicle, the vehicle is “presumed to be” a lemon.

However, it is generally NOT REQUIRED for your vehicle to meet this standard in order for your vehicle to be a lemon. Even if your problems occurred way beyond 18,000 miles or 18 months you can still have a very powerful and valid lemon law case. The best thing to do is to always speak with an attorney about the facts of your specific case.

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