Attorneys That Sue Car Dealerships Near Me

Attorneys That Sue Car Dealerships Near Me

Attorneys that sue car dealerships near me with free consultation. Attorney Jimmy Hanaie is one of the best attorney to sue car dealerships near you. There are many reasons why you would want to sue a car dealership or an automobile manufacturer such as Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Tesla, Volkswagen, Hyundai, and more.

Attorneys that sue car dealerships generally sue based on consumer rights, lemon law, breach of contract, auto fraud, misrepresentation, Song Beverly Warranty Act, Magnuson Moss Warranty Act, and other laws. Usually attorneys who sue car dealerships work on a contingency basis and only get paid when they win.

Just like each car and driver is different, the specifics of their case may be different as well. That is why if you believe that you may have a valid legal claim against a car dealership that you leased or purchased a car from, you should speak with an attorney that is experienced.

Free Consultation

In my personal experience as an attorney since 2013, the clients that tend to get the best results are the ones that take action and call a lawyer to speak about the case immediately.

They tend to have the papers organized. For example, they have their repair invoices and vehicle contract ready to be sent to our law firm by fax or email or in person. This makes our job a lot easier.

However, even if you do not know about the law and you do not have any of the proper paperwork, we may still be able to help you. By consulting with our law firm you can get some valuable information for free.

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